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We believe you should expect high quality care and great service from your veterinary team. Our goal at Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital is to provide you with excellent veterinary from a team committed to your pet’s health and well-being.

Regular visits to your veterinarian for annual wellness exams, vaccinations, routine laboratory testing, and an overall check-up help spot changes early, when they’re easier to treat and prevent disease.  Just like at your doctor, we perform a complete physical exam including looking into your pet’s eyes, ears, and mouth, listening to their heart and lungs, abdominal palpation, assessing their joint health, and take a thorough history.

Above all, your veterinary team should be a great fit.  Choose a veterinarian who is good fit for you and your pet.  We know that a great relationship with our clients has great results for the pets we see.  The ideal veterinary clinic is convenient, has great facilities, a good staff, a veterinarian you like and trust, and the ability to fit you in when you need it.

At Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital, we strive to provide the best care possible and as such, we recognize that there are some fantastic experts in our area.  If your pet needs something that Dr. Florez or Dr. Richardson cannot provide, we will provide a referral to a trusted local veterinary specialist. 

Here you'll find everything you need about Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital and how we can help you. We have online forms for everything related to our Scottsdale veterinarian clinic, and information, including a virtual office tour and what to expect on your visit.

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